(a pandemic fable)

The big highlight of my pandemic week was going out to Target. In addition to getting stuff from the pharmacy and grocery area — there are so many non-essential departments to browse! Men’s clothing, cds and movies, office supplies, home decor.

As I exited Target, I saw a flock of seagulls circling the large intersection at Broadway and Sunnyside. One bird swooped so close to me, I thought it would knock me over. They reminded me of vultures hovering over the dying. Or maybe it was just another of nature’s creatures baffled by the strange new behavior of humans. Where did everybody go? Or maybe they were just lonely. Like me.

My only book of poetry. Published by Tia Chucha Press.

Who says poetry doesn’t pay? I just got a poetry reprint check from MacMillan for $1,000. And I’ve been paid as much as twice that. I say this more out of joy and pride than bragging. The check was for inclusion of my poem “In Response to Executive Order 9066”…

NOTE: I call this “A Buddhist’s View of Paris” because I’m just speaking for myself, not for all Nichiren Buddhists necessarily.

In November Paris, the City of Light, became the City of Darkness at the hands of terrorists. At least 130 were murdered and over were 350 wounded. ISIS has proudly claimed responsibility. My Buddhist organization, the SGI-USA, posted this statement on its website: “Words cannot express the shock and pain we feel from the attacks in Paris… In the face of this tragedy, we deepen our resolve to create a world where peace prevails and violence has no place.”


When I think of the violence in Paris, I think of a movie called “Koyaaniqatsi.” The film shows images of modern life, distorted, people crossing an intersection in…

NOTE: This piece started as a response to Keay Nigel’s excellent post “After 13 Years, I’m Leaving Christianity.” As my response has received over 200 reads, I thought I’d launch it as a post on its own. I’ve also added some material.

Keay, I found your story quite interesting. My…

When Coke Zero first came out ten years ago, I didn’t notice much difference from Diet Coke (which came out 35 years ago). But having drunk them side by side over time, I definitely favor Coke Zero. To me, it’s smoother where Diet Coke has a metallic taste. That is…

Dwight Okita

My novel, THE HOPE STORE, is about the first store in the world to sell hope over the counter. https://amzn.to/2wzZm5c. Audiobook coming. DwightOkita.com

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