“AM I PRIVILEGED?” A Test (written by a gay, asian american buddhist)

In these times of Black Lives Matter, reimagining the police, and of considering what privilege means... Here’s a quick test I made up, inspired by another Privilege test I saw online. You can make up your own too. It was interesting pondering what Privilege and Lack of Privilege means to me.


1. You don’t know what the term “privileged” means. Or you don’t think you are privileged. Methinks everyone is privileged to one degree or another. (Even me!)

2. You’ve never been at a party and someone looked you up and down and asked, “What ARE you?”

3. You never need to budget your money to cover rent & expenses.

4. Everyone in your circle of friends looks like you (not diverse so no need to navigate differences). That could apply to all white friends, all asian friends, all the same political party or spiritual affiliation or gender, all abled, all disabled, all the same age, the same class.)

5. You feel safe taking a walk through your neighborhood whenever you want to.

6. As a child, you never worried about entering a new classroom and that kids would utter an ethnic slur or any slur at you and humiliate you.

7. When going to a party or a meeting that is unfamiliar to you, you don’t worry about whether you will be accepted and fit in (because you are the only woman/Latinx/gay person/atheist, etc.)

8. You’ve never been told something like this: “I don’t care that you’re white. I accept you as you are. Your race doesn’t matter to me!” (What if I want the things that make me unique to matter to you? At least a little.)

9. You’ve ever sensed (or been told) that people are tolerant of your differences. Have you ever thought how it feels when someone says they are tolerating you?

10. You’ve never been told by someone that you don’t look like they expected you to look. For example: “You don’t look black.” “You don’t act gay.” “You don’t seem Jewish.”

11. You have no problem getting a cab. You’ve never been followed by a salesperson who thought you might be shoplifting. You never feared for your life when driving — and a cop pulled you over.

12. You’ve never been told you speak good English.

13. You’ve never questioned if your life mattered.